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Where is that perfect wedding dress? You’ve dreamed of this day your whole life. Now you’re looking for the dress you’ll absolutely fall in love with. You know it when you see it and the wait will be over. Yet, the search continues long and stressful.

You’re a unique, beautiful bride and princess. There’s no one like you. Consider creating a one-of-a-kind wedding dress. One that has all the designer elements, fabrics and sparkle that make it uniquely your own. The time involved in creating a custom dress is not much different to finding a dress you like and having alterations made. With a custom wedding dress, you can be more creative with more choices. It can be as simple as piecing the top of one dress to the bottom of another or as thrilling as creating something from the start from a drawing or concept.

"...I found a top I loved and a bottom that I loved...they're putting them together to build my dream dress."

~ Heather ~

You can choose to continue the chase, looking for that perfect dress and continue all the headaches and stress it brings, or let us help you with a custom wedding dress. It simply begins with an appointment to discuss your ideas, get measurements and you’re off and rolling. And think of all the time you’ll save and how much better you’ll sleep.

Save yourself the time, stress and chaos now. Create a stunning, custom dress today that will be the envy of your friends, bridemaids and bring a tear to your grooms eye.